Practical Chiral

6 September 2016 11:15-13:00, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

Practical Chiral Chromatography 
This short seminar is intended as an introduction for those scientists who are involved in chiral chromatography and want to use the technique to assist in their analysis. Specifically aimed at end-users in the field, this seminar will give an understanding of the processes involved and the current approaches to chiral analysis conducted in industry. Written from an end-users perspective, this course is ideal for those chromatographers involved in practical chiral method development and those who want to develop more robust methodology that is fit for purpose. The following topics will be covered during this seminar:-
Importance of chiral separations
Method development approaches
Recognition processes
Column screening strategies
Interaction mechanisms
Preparative scale-up
Chiral analysis
Real life pharma applications

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Hichrom is one of the world’s leading HPLC column manufacturers and has been firmly established in the field of Liquid Chromatography for over 30 years, developing, manufacturing and supplying the highest quality LC columns throughout the world.  During this time Hichrom has built up a strong reputation amongst chromatographers for our technical expertise. Our speakers are experienced chromatographers who will be happy to discuss your questions on a wide variety of HPLC/UHPLC topics including: troubleshooting, method development, reproducibility, batch reservation, custom packing/bonding, application support, method transfer & column selection.
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