AS Chemistry Revision Masterclass

7 May 2016 10:00-13:00, Lancaster, United Kingdom

Getting signs the wrong way round in Hess’ Law  calculations? Getting arrows all mixed up in mechanisms?  Be an endothermic reaction – come along and get some positive energy/confidence input!

Join Mrs Greenhalgh, an experienced chemistry teacher who teaches at Bolton School, to tackle the more challenging, tricky bits of the new AS level, with an emphasis on energy changes and  organic mechanisms. A short  teaching session will feature top tips and lots of interaction, with supported workshops to help develop understanding and refine that all important exam technique.

After the workshops there will be an optional tour of the chemistry department at Lancaster University with the opportunity to find out what studying chemistry there is all about. Please note the tour will begin at 1pm.

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This event is suitable for students aged 16-18
Individual booking and group bookings up to 8 per school

Jointly organised with ChemNet, Lancaster University and Bolton School.
Lancaster University

Lancaster University, Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4YW, United Kingdom

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