The Investment Catalyst: A showcase of chemistry-led innovation for the angel investment community

16 October 2017 17:00-21:00, London, United Kingdom

The Royal Society of Chemistry has partnered with the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) to connect chemistry-using start-ups and scale-ups with potential investors.

We are holding our second investor event in London on 16 October 2017 to bring together the Royal Society of Chemistry’s growing network of chemical science entrepreneurs and the UKBAA’s community of investors. The event will give selected companies the chance to pitch to UK angel investors.

The partnership

Chemistry-led innovation represents a broad and compelling opportunity area for early-stage investors as it is integral to a vast number of sectors, including life sciences, energy supply and generation, the automotive industry, construction, and consumer products. The Royal Society of Chemistry currently supports over 300 small businesses across the UK by providing networking opportunities, grants and funding support, and help with recruitment and business promotion.

The new partnership with UKBAA, the national trade association for angel and early-stage investment, will now enable cutting edge start-ups from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s community to connect with an established group of experienced investors.
Aqua Metrology Systems, United Kingdom

Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS) is a leader in online and real time analytical solutions for the determination of contaminants (trace metals and disinfection by-products) in drinking, process and waste water, across industrial and municipal markets.

Chrysalix Technologies, United Kingdom

Chrysalix Technologies enables sustainable production of low-cost renewable chemicals and fuels from biomass through a unique chemical process that conditions difficult-to-dispose construction waste wood for the production of purified sugars.

Echion Technologies, United Kingdom

Echion Technologies spun out of the University of Cambridge Engineering Department to commercialise an advanced Li-ion battery
technology for electric vehicles, enabling superfast charging and high energy density, at low cost, with high safety and cycle life.

KYMIRA, United Kingdom

KYMIRA are developing innovative smart garments for use in the medical and domestic healthcare markets. The company has created a disruptive business model to commercialise technologies early on the sportswear market to reinvest revenues into medical validation and continued R&D.

MediSieve, United Kingdom

MediSieve is developing a “magnetic blood filtration” – a platform technology to revolutionise the treatment of blood-borne diseases with an initial focus on malaria, sepsis and leukaemia.

MOFgen, United Kingdom

MOFgen creates, develops and supplies novel advanced materials to address some of the most pressing healthcare problems facing modern society. Our award winning, patented technology prevents infection, alleviates procedural complications and promotes healing by enabling the controlled release of active agents from medical devices and topical treatments. With expertise in metal-organic framework (MOF) design, manufacture and formulation MOFgen is the technical leader in the biomedical application of MOFs.

NeuDrive, United Kingdom

NeuDrive is a world leader in organic thin film transistor technology and is developing AI-enabled biosensor systems that will revolutionise drug development, diagnostics and clinical monitoring.

Nova Pangaea, United Kingdom

Nova Pangaea Technologies has developed a unique technology – Refnova™ – to convert waste or surplus biomass into valuable biofuel and chemical/plastics precursors. This will enable such products to be manufactured sustainably, efficiently and at large scale –without competing with food crops for their raw materials.

Registration is now CLOSED

The event is open to investors, angel syndicates and groups and VC funds.

If you do not fit into one of these categories we reserve the right to cancel your registration.

Registration for the event is free.

Registration opens 15 August 2017

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17:00 – 18:00: Arrivals and networking
18:00 – 19:30: Introductions and company presentations
19:30 – 21:00: Reception and networking
Burlington House

Burlington House, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

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