Public Lecture - "(On) The nature of chemistry publishing"

13 October 2017 12:00-13:00, Bradford, United Kingdom

Dr Stuart Cantrill, Chief Editor of Nature Chemistry, will deliver a lecture and Q+A entitled 'On the nature of chemistry publishing.' This event is open to all.

Dr Cantrill undertook his PhD with Sir Fraser Stoddart (Nobel prize for Chemistry 2016) at the Universities of Birmingham (UK) and UCLA (USA). He then secured a postdoc position in the labs of Bob Grubbs at Caltech prior to returning to UCLA to start a position in the teaching faculty two years later. He then embarked on a career in the world of scientific publishing.

The basic unit of scientific publishing — a paper — has not really altered all that much for hundreds of years, but with the rise of the internet, how is this changing? This talk will look at different aspects of communicating chemistry in the modern (and more connected) world — through traditional methods such as journals (and all that entails, including a behind-the-scenes look at Nature Chemistry’s editorial processes), but also using ‘new’ media such as blogs and Twitter. Other considerations, such as metrics (alternative metrics (so-called altmetrics), article-level metrics and impact factors) will also be discussed.

Light refreshments will be provided before and after the lecture (venue to be confirmed).
University of Bradford

Phoenix NE Building, Room 0.100, University of Bradford, Richmond Road, Bradford, BD7 1DP, United Kingdom

  • Dr Robert Falconer University of Bradford, United Kingdom

Organised by
Dr Klaus Pors
Institute of Cancer Therapeutics
University of Bradford

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