Titrations: Teaching ideas beyond the obvious

18 October 2018 16:30-18:30, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Titrations are now part of both the GCSE and A-Level Chemistry syllabus. This session will look at novel ways to introduce, revise and support the titrations topic - without reaching for a burette.

Attendees can expect to come away with instantly implementable resources and new ideas to refresh a traditional, but important chemistry learning objective. Particular attention will be paid to the challenge of introducing titrations to students much earlier in their science learning journey.

This event is open to all teachers and trainee teachers of secondary science/chemistry and school science technicians. There is no charge.
Nottingham Girls' High School

Nottingham Girls' High School, 9 Arboretum Street, Nottingham, NG1 4JB, United Kingdom

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