Royal Society of Chemistry Nyholm Lecture

28 June 2018 14:30-16:00, Southampton, United Kingdom

"Public engagement, often referred to as Outreach, should not be an optional extra for research active staff and should not be the preserve of communication experts only"

We are delighted to welcome Southampton alumnus and multiple award winner, Prof Dudley Shallcross, from the University of Bristol.  Dudley won the Nyholm Education Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry for outstanding innovations in chemistry education across the science education sector in the UK and overseas, and this talk is part of a lecture tour which follows that award.  Dudley's talk is titled 'The myriad impacts of public engagement on tertiary education; including smoothing the transition from secondary to tertiary education', and draws on pioneering work carried out at Bristol over the last decade and more.  

T​he seminar will open with a talk by David Read and Lisa Then (UoS) about a new model for training researchers in public engagement with research, based on a project they are undertaking with funding from UKRI (former RCUK) under the SEE-PER initiative.  ​Resources are being developed to support a blended learning approach, with online activities supporting the delivery of subsequent face-to-face workshops.  This talk will outline the findings of the initial scoping exercise, which drew on over 60 survey responses and input from several focus groups and will discuss plans for the content of the training activities.
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University of Southampton
University of Southampton

27:2001, University of Southampton, Building 27 (Chemistry), Highfield, Southampton, SO17 1BJ, United Kingdom

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Professor David Read
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