3rd Annual Digi-Tech Pharma 2019

21 May 2019 08:30 - 22 May 2019 17:30, London, United Kingdom


Technology has become a key differentiator across industries and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. Pharmaceuticals, life sciences and healthcare companies are experiencing a wave of competing challenges. In spite of the growing efforts to engage patients in clinical research and other regulatory activities, pharma companies must recognize this new decision-making power of patients and needs a new approach to engage patients in drug development. Although pharma companies depend on innovation, science and R&D, it may seem unreasonable that they lag behind in adapting to new technologies.

Digital healthcare is transforming medicine and revolutionising global health systems. Technology giants and start-ups are already disrupting healthcare in many areas to create a patient-centric ecosystem. Thus, a necessity for partnership and collaboration with healthcare provider is a must for the pharmaceutical companies to be ahead of the game and make most use of the healthcare technologies, resources and tools that integrate with patient’s lifestyle and these partnerships will also lead to massive advances in R&D using artificial intelligence in genomics and precision medicine to develop a deep understanding of the root causes of diseases to improve success rates and get new drugs to patients faster.

The deployment of technology is now increasingly dominant in pharmaceutical R&D; the enhancements in data management and data integration are providing improvements to both the speed and quality of many clinical trial processes. The combination of AI, big data and IoT technologies will create new innovations and other eminent technologies like cloud computing, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing and blockchain are being used extensively in the Pharmaceutical industry’s digital transformation.

Therefore, this upcoming conference 3rd Annual Digi-Tech Pharma, will provide a platform to all its participants an opportunity to interact, share and discuss the digitalization of Pharma industry. The conference will allow its participants to discuss the various challenges faced, new strategies, case studies and use of innovative ideas in the field of Digital Pharma IT. Also, to stay updated on the latest trends in digital, social media and mobile strategies required to overcome the obstructions in the transformation. This Digi-Tech Pharma 2019 is a unique platform in the Pharmaceutical Conferences which will allow IT leaders to share their technologies and strategies to help the pharma industries avail new opportunities to encourage partnerships and collaborations.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to this international 3rd Annual Digi-Tech Pharma conference.

  • Digital transformation to tackle productivity and growth challenges 
  • Reimagining pharma by integrating science and technology into drug development
  • Digital technology trends in Pharma and Healthcare industry
  • R&D Informatics
  • Precision Medicine and genomics
  • AI & Machine learning is transforming drug discovery
  • Translational informatics
  • How pharma can integrate into digital health environment
  • Big data analytics and pharma
  • Internet of things and pharma
  • Policy changes required for ensuring smooth transition
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance during the transformation
  • Streamlining and digitizing research workflows
  • Clinical trials and the digital world
  • Digitally transformed pharmacovigilance
  • Data management
  • Tools and strategies to engage with HCPs
  • Encouraging a customer-centric approach at all levels
  • Digitally enabled business models
  • Develop partnerships to support the deployment of digital technology
  • Digital marketing trends
  • Integrating Multichannel marketing and closed loop marketing
  • Blockchain technology to improve efficiency and safety
  • Model for Future Digital Innovation


This event is designed for senior level attendees from various companies including pharmaceutical, biotechnological, biopharmaceutical, CRO’s, Diagnostics, solution provider and government institutions.

Attendees include Chief Data Officer, VPs, GMs, Directors, Heads and Managers of
  • Drug Delivery Innovation
  • R&D IT
  • Big Data Solutions
  • AI/ Machine Learning
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Digital innovative strategic planning
  • Regulatory and pharmacovigilance
  • IT Strategy
  • Real-World Data
  • Real-World Evidence
  • Data Management & Analytics
  • Data Sciences
  • Clinical trials and data management
  • Translational informatics
  • Data storage and analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Information Systems
  • Contract outsourcing service providers
  • Digital Health
  • Healthcare IT
  • Pharma sales and Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Multi-channel Management
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