Marie Curie and Aspects of the History of Radiochemistry

18 March 2011, London, United Kingdom

Event summary

The meeting, organised by the RSC's Radiochemistry and Historical Groups, will celebrate the life and achievements of Marie Curie. The centenary of her Nobel prize in Chemistry falls in 2011 so we will consider her contribution to science and also examine other aspects of the history of radiochemistry. These will include early medical applications of radium, the contributions of Rutherford to our understanding of the nature of the atom and its later applications to nuclear energy, and the development of UKAERE Harwell. Modern aspects of these topics will also feature.
The speakers are experts in their fields: the keynote lecture on Marie Curie will be given by Dr. Serge Plattard, the Counsellor for Science and Technology at the French Embassy, himself a noted nuclear physicist. His talk will be chaired by Richard Pike, CEO of the RSC, and the last session will be chaired by the RSC President David Phillips.

Speaker and commitee information

Marie Curie, her Life and Work - Dr. Serge Plattard, Science and Technology Counsellor, French Embassy
Early use of Radionuclides in Medicine - Prof. Alan Dronsfield, University of Derby
Rutherford, Radioactivity and the Atom - Dr. Jeff Hughes, Manchester University
Rutherford to Nuclear Power - Dr. Peter Iredale, ex-Director of Harwell
Radiochemistry at Harwell from 1946 and its Contribution to Nuclear Power - Dr. John Wilkins, former Head of Site, Harwell
Curium and the Trans-actinides - Dr. Clint Sharrad, CRR, Manchester University

Other information

Dr. Nick Evans or Register online,

Event contact information

  • Department of Chemistry, University of Loughborough, Leics, Loughborough, LE11 3TU, United Kingdom


  • The Chemistry Centre
  • Burlington House
  • Piccadilly,
  • London
  • W1J 0BA
  • United Kingdom

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