Chemical Development & Scale-Up in the Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

19 - 21 June 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark

Event summary

This three-day course, written and presented by highly experienced process chemists from the pharmaceutical
and fine chemical industries, provides a comprehensive overview of this fascinating and important element of
the chemical industry. A logical investigative approach to all aspects of chemical development is described, with an abundance of case studies from literature, conferences and private communications. The multidisciplinary nature of chemical development is emphasised, from the initial interaction with laboratory
research scientists to the vital partnership with chemical engineers in the pilot plant and in the production
environment. The lectures are interspersed with interactive problem sessions, enabling participants to share in the problem solving and troubleshooting typically experienced during chemical development.

Event contact information

  • Scientific Update LLP, Maycroft Place, Stone Cross, Mayfield, TN20 6EW, United Kingdom


  • Copenhagen
  • Denmark

Organised by

Scientific Update LLP

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