Good Manufacturing Practice Medical Devices

1 November 2012, Reading, United Kingdom

Event summary

The course covers the requirements of the Medical Device Regulatory Standard ISO 13485 and the regulatory framework and documentation required to market a medical device.Those attending will get an understanding of the requirements and documentation required to market and maintain compliance for medical devices in the market place. There are tutorials on the Directives, the regulatory system, the marketing of a device and the ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard. Added to this there is an introduction to risk management and the vigilance system. The course is interactive with many practical exercises and discussions.

Other information


GMP for medical devices is the perfect course for people who are new to the medical device industry, the diagnostics sector or those working in the pharmaceutical industry where medical device regulations are applied - e.g. for inhalers, pre-filled syringes, infusion bags etc.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course you will:
• Understand the regulatory framework of medical
device manufacture and marketing
• Understand the ISO standards and how they are used in the approval process
• Have knowledge of the tools used in risk assessment and vigilance systems,

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  • Reading Scientific Services Ltd, The Reading Science Centre, Whiteknights Campus, Reading, RG6 6LA, United Kingdom


  • RSSL Pharma Training
  • Whiteknights Road
  • Reading
  • RG6 6BZ
  • United Kingdom

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