Organisers and supporting organisations

The free text boxes with formatting options allow you to highlight and recognise both event organisers and organisations that are supporting or sponsoring your event.
You are advised to keep each acknowledgement to a maximum of 100 characters including spaces.

You can also upload logos for the event organisers and for supporting or sponsoring organisations. The name of the organisation will appear directly below the logo, and their URL (if you choose to include it) will be linked to the logo, with their website opening in a new page when the logo is selected during browsing.

Please ensure that logos are maximum 75 px high and max 225 px wide. You can add up to 20 organiser logos and up to 20 supporter/sponsor logos. Permitted image file types are jpg/jpeg/png/gif, and there is a 200KB size limit for each image.
You can delete uploaded logos using the 'trash' icon. To change the order in which the logos are displayed, click and drag the arrow icon to move the selected logo up or down the listing.


Organiser logos

Supporting organisations

Supporting organisation logos