Introducing our innovative new licence system

We’ve overhauled the way that authors identify and apply for the best publishing option for their work.

There’s a new journal on the scene

Introducing the latest addition to our Nanoscale family: Nanoscale Advances

All chemistry and biochemistry in one subscription

New partnership means a single sales contact

Catch up with us in 2018

Your definitive guide to where you can find us.

Publishing how-to guide: ready for download

A new resource for supporting your researchers.

Publishing platform redesign – looking back on 2017

Since we began our work, what’s changed?

Outcomes from our third Librarian Appreciation Day

What happened at our third annual event in Jaipur?

Introducing Molecular Omics

Find out more about the relaunch of Molecular Biosystems

Publishing in parallel since 2015

We have collaborated with the Royal Society to jointly publish chemistry content in Royal Society Open Science since 2015.

Celebrating open access

We have Open Access Week resources for your library

Our new scheme to support open access publishing

Read & Publish: supporting the transition to open access

RSC Advances goes open access – the story so far

Catch up on the transition and our plans for 2017

New online tutorials available for MarinLit

Nine new videos guide users through the database's powerful features

It’s time for a catch up

We’ll be at these events over the next few months

Publishing platform redesign—the journey continues

We engaged the consultancy Modern Human to help us set a clearer vision for our publishing site.

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