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Enhancing employability

The lack of business skills and commercial awareness in STEM graduates has been lamented by industry in recent years. The Royal Society of Chemistry has commissioned a set of resources for teaching contextualised and relevant business skills to chemists for integration into the curriculum. Our business skills resources cover the following topics: intellectual property, project management, finance, market analysis and production.

In addition, we have collated a set of ‘Context and Problem Based Learning’ (C/PBL) resources, which aim to increase students’ engagement with the subject and enhance students’ employability skills by fostering the development of transferable skills valued by employers, such as: communication, team working, and problem solving. C/PBL resources are based upon real-life applications of the principles, techniques, and experiments that students encounter in their undergraduate courses.

We hope these resources will prove useful in enhancing the employability of chemistry graduates.

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what-is-chartered-chemist-status Professional recognition - What is Chartered Chemist status? health-and-safety-essentials Health and Safety Essentials business-skills-and-commercial-awareness-for-chemists Business Skills and Commercial Awareness for Chemists how-can-heis-and-smes-interact-effectively SME Too: How can HEIs and SMEs interact more effectively? commercial-skills-introduction-overview Commercial Skills for Chemists: Introduction and Overview commercial-skills-innovation Commercial Skills for Chemists: Innovation commercial-skills-project-management Commercial Skills for Chemists: Project Management future-cities-project-c-pbl The Future Cities Project - Context/problem-based learning case study in sustainable development chemistrys-interfaces-the-nano-frontier-c-pbl Chemistry's Interfaces: The Nano Frontier - Context/problem-based learning commercial-skills-feasibility Commercial Skills for Chemists: Feasibility