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This section features downloads, links, and information related to higher education chemistry teaching. They are designed to be suitable for any relevant course.
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School to university transition

A variety of resources have been produced to ease the school-to-university transition in chemistry. This includes a revised undergraduate chemistry lab course which aims to more closely relate first year labs to A-level expectations.

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first-year-undergraduate-chemistry-laboratory-course-manual-2011-2012 First Year Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory Course Manual 2011-2012 school-to-university-transition-learning-resources School-to-University Transition Learning Resources maths-for-science-ebook Maths for Science - ebook problem-based-practical-activities Problem based practical activities advanced-starters-for-ten-chapters-1-14 Advanced starters for ten: chapters 1–14 starters-for-ten-chapters-1-11 Starters for ten: chapters 1–11 student-guide-to-degree-course-accreditation A student guide to degree course accreditation pplato-maths-physics-resources-portal PPLATO Maths & Physics resources portal study-communication-skills-for-chemistry-book Study and communication skills for the chemical sciences book reflux-with-addition The interactive lab primer - reflux with addition