Chemistry for the gifted and talented: rates and equilibria


This activity demonstrates the links between the topics of rates of reaction and the equilibrium law. It provides students with an explanation of the equilibrium law and helps them explain why Le Chatelier’s principle works for temperature, concentration and pressure.


Can be printed for use in class.


Please see below for a couple of corrections to this resource


On page 5, on the second card

        The equilibrium constant for step 1 is k1 and for step 2 is k2

should read

        The equilibrium constant for step 1 is K1 and for step 2 is K2


On page 6, on the second card

        K2 = [H][E]/[A][E]

should read

        K2 = [H][E]/[A][G]


We apologise for these errors, and we are working to fix them as soon as possible.