Chemistry's Interfaces: Geochemical Time Travel - Context/probelm-based learning


This C/PBL resource is an introduction to geochemistry in the context of the geological and archaeological record. It is based on the following question: What would the geochemical record of human activities and civilisation be in the geochemical record of the future?


This resource has been provided by, or developed in partnership with, The National HE STEM Programme.


The resource is focussed at level 1 and 2 students so it places a particular emphasis on simple organic and inorganic chemical formulae, and equations related to geochemistry and climate change science. Analytical techniques such as mass spectroscopy are also examined. 

The range of applications covered in this problem brings together a number of different areas of overlap between chemistry, earth sciences, the physical and life sciences. This problem is unique in that it allows the students to utilise current research publications to produce a synthesis of information about this new and interdisciplinary area of scientific research.

No prior archaeological or geological knowledge is required or expected to complete this problem. 

This resource and its components are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.