First Year Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory Course Manual 2011-2012


Student laboratory manuals to support first year undergraduate practicals of Core Chemistry 1A or Core Chemistry 1A and 1B courses at Durham University. 1. Induction (Week 1)
2. Skills (Weeks 2-7)
3. Discovery (Weeks 8-16)
4. Projects (Weeks 18-19)



Week 8-10. Practicals: redox titrations; boiling point elevation; electrochemistry; preparation and titration analysis of a nickel complex; the ionic model


These laboratory manuals are designed specifically for Durham University 2011-2012 but can be adapted for other universities and academic years as appropriate. Please email if you would like any of the editable word documents or for the demonstrator manuals. This resource was developed by Dr Jacquie Robson, RSC School Teacher Fellow 2010-2011 at Durham University, produced as part of the National HE STEM Programme.