Communicating Chemistry: Oral communication skills - Annual review presentation exercise


This resource focuses on oral presentations and outlines an exercise students can do to develop their oral communication skills. The scenario used in the exercise is giving a presentation as part of a company's annual review process. 



Communication skills are an essential part of all university degree courses. In general, communication skills are developed throughout undergraduate courses via a range of activities and many departments already have substantial parts of their course aimed at transferable skills.

The book 'Communicating Chemistry' contains a number of exercises that can be used to help students address specific aspects of communication skills, or can be run as a complete 'module'. There are two key themes underpinning the design of the book. Firstly, as communication skills are learnt rather than taught, the exercises provide students with many opportunities for first hand practice and experience. Secondly, the exercises are all set in a chemistry context, so students see the skills as interesting and relevant, and are encouraged to discover, explain
and use chemistry.