Should we worry about parabens?


This is an article about parabens, a group of chemicals used in cosmetics as preservatives. Parabens have been in the news, as they have been linked to breast cancer. This article aims to provide a balanced view of the debate and the evidence.

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This article is about parabens, chemicals that are used cosmetics that have been linked to breast cancer and are suspected endocrine disruptors.


This is article from a series called 'Should we worry about..?' . The purpose of the series is to provide balanced information on chemicals that have had a high profile in the media. They are authored and approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry's Environment, Health and Committee (EHSC). One of the EHSC's aims is to help to improve the public image of chemistry and chemists by improving public understanding of the risks associated with the benefits of chemicals. To learn more about the EHSC, please go to .