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A website that is designed to help educators plan, design and deliver lectures/resources through the "flipped classroom" model.

Type of Activity

group work



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16 to Teacher


Units & standard conditionsNomenclature, symbols & formulaeRelative masses, masses & molesSpectroscopyMagnetic resonanceMass spectrometryTeaching chemistryTeaching approaches/pedagogyGames, quizzes & problem solvingEliciting learners' ideasTeaching sequences/lesson plansQuantum mechanicsCharacteristics of atomsAtomic structure: electron structure/configurationsMolecular characteristicsHeteroatomic moleculesCharacteristics of bondsMolecular shapesIsomerisation & isomersStructural isomerismStereoisomerismFree radicalsLewis structuresValence-bond theoryMolecular orbital theoryIonic bonds/bondingKinetic theory & particle modelIdeal gasesElectrical conductance in liquidsIonic compoundsAcid-base behaviourAcid-base theoriesStructure of the periodic tablePeriodicityd-block/Transition metals: electron structures and oxidation statesEnergy changes & thermochemistryEnthalpy changesHess's Law and enthalpy cyclesBond enthalpiesLattice enthalpiesRepresenting chemical reactionsRedoxReactions involving proton transferReactions by electron sharingReactions by electron pair sharingChain reactionsPartition equilibriaAcid-base equilibriaEnergy & workEnergy & heat transferRepresenting organic compoundsHydrocarbon skeletonsFunctional groupsIUPAC systemDrawing organic structuresCharacteristics of organic compoundsConjugationOrganic acids & basesConformationEffects of the hydrocarbon skeletonHomologous seriesGrouping homologous series by functional groupHydrocarbonsOne heteroatom bondTwo heteroatom bondsThree heteroatom bondsAromatic compoundsEnolsNitrogen containing compoundsOrganic reaction mechanismsTerminology of organic reaction mechanismsElimination reactionsFree radical reactionsAcidsBases & alkalis
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