What makes a good post-doctorate job application?


Nobel Laureates share their advice for general job and post-doctorate applications in this series of videos.

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working independently



Age Group

Undergraduate to Teacher


These videos were filmed as part of the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative.
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  •  Martin Chalfie explains what makes a good post-doc application and how applicants can increase their chance of success. 
  • Joseph Goldstein explains why it's important for application letters to say that they’ve actually read their work. His co-Laureate Michael Brown also explains how they use applications to their lab to assess creativity. 
  • Paul Nurse explains how he chooses the best scientists for his lab and what he's looking for when he interviews scientists.

These videos are from the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative's (NPII) YouTube account, which can be found here. The NPII is a global programme designed to help Nobel Laureates share their inspirational stories and insights with the worldwide scientific community, and especially with early career scientists.