Scientific career paths: Choosing a research topic


Nobel Laureates give their perspectives on how to choose a good research topic, and scientific problem, to work on.

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Age Group

Undergraduate to Teacher


These videos were filmed as part of the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative.
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  • Bruce Beutler discusses what makes a good scientific question.
  • Michael Brown answers the question 'What makes a good research question?' and offers advice for scientists deciding what to work on.
  • Tim Hunt answers the question: What makes a good research problem?
  • Martin Chalfie answers the question: What makes a good research topic
  • Paul Nurse explains that you can't always map out your career.
  • Barry Marshall answers the question: What should drive your choice of research topic?
  • Oliver Smithies gives advice on how a scientist should choose their research direction.

These videos are from the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative's (NPII) YouTube account, which can be found here. The NPII is a global programme designed to help Nobel Laureates share their inspirational stories and insights with the worldwide scientific community, and especially with early career scientists.