Teachers TV: chemistry exciting elements


This Teachers TV video demonstrates exciting experiments around the topic of elements, such as reacting bromine with hydrogen and the displacement of halogens.

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Our Practical chemistry videos resources now redirect to this resource. All of the experiments that were covered in the resources are in the video at the following times:

  • Reaction of rubidium with water: 00:03:43 to 00:04:15
  • Reaction of caesium with water: 00:04:17 to 00:04:40
  • Reaction of fluorine with hydrogen: 00:10:10 to 00:10:31
  • Reaction of chlorine with hydrogen: 00:10:32 to 00:10:50
  • Reaction of bromine with hydrogen: 00:10:51 to 00:11:11
  • Displacement of halogens: 00:11:18 to 00:11:52


"Teachers TV: Exciting Elements" by Teachers TV and the Department for Education, distributed by TES, used under CC-BY-ND.