Learn Chemistry: Glossary


A glossary for Learn Chemistry explaining the meaning of chemistry terms used within this site.

Type of Activity

group work, working independently



Age Group

16 to Undergraduate
Term Definition
Accuracy The 'closeness' of a measurement to the true value.
Acetic acid The trivial name for ethanoic acid.
Acetone The trivial name for propanone.
Acid wash A technique where a dilute solution of acid is used to extract basic compounds out of an organic solution using a separating funnel.
Aliquot A portion of solution, usually measured with a volumetric pipette.
Analyte A substance that is determined in a quantitative procedure such as volumetric analysis.
Anti-bumping granule Small pieces of a ceramic material that are added to solutions to prevent the solution 'bumping' (see also).
Aqueous wash A technique where water is used to extract ionic impurities out of an organic solution using a separating funnel.
Aspirator Also known as a filter pump, a device that produces a vacuum (reduced pressure) usng a flow of tap water. This can be used in Buchner filtrations, vacuum distillations or with rotary evaporators.
Azeotrope A mixture of two or more liquids that cannot be separated by simple distillation. An application of this is the addition of a second solvent to a solution to produce a lower boiling azeotrope of the two solvents which is easier to remove by evaporation.