Learn Chemistry: Glossary


A glossary for Learn Chemistry explaining the meaning of chemistry terms used within this site.

Type of Activity

group work, working independently



Age Group

16 to Undergraduate
Term Definition
Decant Pouring a liquid away from a solid residue.
Decolourising The removal of coloured impurities from a solution by heating with a small amount of decolourising charcoal (carbon) followed by filtration.
Desiccant Another word for drying agent.
Develop The rise of a solution up a TLC plate.
Distillate The liquid that is collected from a distilation.
Dropwise Addition of a solution or liquid at a very slow (drop-by-drop) rate to ensure accuracy (as in titrations) or to prevent uncontrollable reactions.
Drying agent A solid material (for example an anhydrous salt) that is used to remove moisture from solvents or in desiccators or guard tubes.
Drying over Removal of moisture from organic solvents by adding anhydrous salts (such as sodium sulfate) followed their removal by fitration.