Learn Chemistry: Glossary


A glossary for Learn Chemistry explaining the meaning of chemistry terms used within this site.

Type of Activity

group work, working independently



Age Group

16 to Undergraduate
Term Definition
Filtrate The filtered liquid that has passed through a filter.
Finely divided Any solid material that is of a small particle size and therefore a large surface area.
Flash chromatography A form of column chromatography that uses a smaller size of absorbant material for the stationary phase and is therefore capable of separating compounds with closer Retention Factors (Rf) than gravity chromatography. Flash chromatography is carried out with pressurised solvent to increase the flow rate.
Flea An altelternative name for a magnetic follower.
Fluted (filter paper) Filter paper that has been folded in a way to allow the filtrate to pass through quickly.
Follower (magnetic) A plastic (often Teflon) coated magnet that is used to stir liquids on stirrer hot plates.
Forerun The lower boiling material in a distillation.