Key stage 2 Welsh national curriculum guide


Use this document when planning schemes of work or when looking for resources that are related to specific national curriculum statements. The document, for primary science teachers in Wales, maps Learn Chemistry resources to statements from Science in the National Curriculum for Wales (key stage 2). Click the framework statement to access the resources and use with your class.

Type of Activity

group work, working independently, demonstration, class practical



Age Group

Primary & Teacher


A comparison of the features and properties of some natural and man-made materials










Click the resource grouping links to access Learn Chemistry resource collections that can be used with students in lessons.


These tables contain public sector information from Science in the National Curriculum for Wales (© Crown copyright 2008), the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence (© Crown copyright 2012) and the English key stage 2 science sampling test framework: national curriculum tests from 2016 (© Crown copyright 2015), licenced under an Open Government licence v3.0.

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