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1-Naphthol, or α-naphthol, is an organic compound with the formula C10H7OH. It is a white solid. It is an isomer of 2-naphthol differing by the location of the hydroxyl group on the naphthalene ring. The naphthols are naphthalene homologues of phenol, with the hydroxyl group being more reactive than in the phenols. Both isomers are soluble in simple alcohols, ethers, and chloroform. They are precursors to a variety of useful compounds.


Substance data page for 1-Naphthol


Chemistry educational resource for 1-Naphthol (standard InChIKey KJCVRFUGPWSIIH-UHFFFAOYSA-N). 1-Naphthol (IUPAC Name); 1-Naphthalenol; alpha-Hydroxynaphthalene; alpha-Naphthol; Molisch's reagent; naphthalen-1-ol. Follow the page link to go to the compound page on the Learn Chemistry wiki.