Welcome to Business Skills for Chemists

As part of a project funded through the National HE STEM programme, the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham in association with the Royal Society of Chemistry has developed a series of modules that aim to enhance the business and entrepreneurial skills of undergraduate chemistry students and improve their employment prospects.

The resources contained on this site are based upon those used at Nottingham and can be used flexibly by academic staff teaching undergraduate chemistry courses to establish similar modules tailored to fit with the requirements of their curriculum. They can also be used by the students who take these modules providing supporting material to reinforce the topics covered within the taught sessions. A further set of resources have been assembled as a short course for online delivery that guides the student through key topics without the need for formal taught sessions.

This website is divided into 3 sections for different users, which can be accessed through the buttons below or by hovering over the red bookmark graphic in the top-right corner of the screen.


This section contains all of the resources necessary for academic staff at a university to set up and run their own Business Skills for Chemists course, including instructions and teaching plans for running the course, Powerpoint presentations for running the lectures and handouts for the students.


This section contains resources for students studying a Business Skills for Chemists course. Resources include lecture notes, videos and interactive case studies for practising business skills.

Online Course

This is a short standalone course developed for online delivery that guides the student through key topics without the need for formal taught sessions making it ideal for distance learning. It includes mini-lecture videos and interactive case studies that students can work through to improve their business skills.

We are keen to receive feedback from users of this website. General comments, requests for more information, suggestions for additional resources or problems accessing resources can all be emailed to chembusiness@nottingham.ac.uk.

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