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A quiz on the Learn Chemistry Wiki is a series of questions that can be used for self-study, homework, or an in-class check on learning.


Quizzes by subject

General chemistry

Real-world chemistry

Organic chemistry (excluding spectroscopy)


Chemistry Olympiad

The Lower Sixth Online Chemistry Olympiad no longer fulfils its role
to aid preparation for the full International Chemistry Olympiad.
Activities such as the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge offer better preparation
and also lead into their Lower Sixth Challenge. However, we do still feel that
the quiz element of the Online Olympiad is still an interesting challenge
for L6 pupils and therefore, this is now part of the Learn Chemistry Wiki.

Quizzes by level of difficulty

The categorisation is as follows: The first letter (capital) indicates the level of the content, then the number which follows indicates which quiz in the sequence. These numbers will follow a typical teaching sequence, which may (of course) vary between curricula and between nations. If the need arises, these may be suffixed with a small letter.

  • Levels A-D correspond to US grades K-7, or UK middle school
  • Levels C-J correspond to UK O-level/GCSE
  • Levels C-L correspond to US high school
  • Levels H-O correspond to US freshman general chemistry
  • Levels K-Q correspond to UK A-level
  • Levels P-T correspond to US sophomore organic chemistry
  • Levels S-W correspond to undergraduate courses, typically upper level in the US
  • Levels X-Z correspond to advanced UK/US undergraduate, or US graduate level courses

For example, an organic chemistry quiz P014 would be suitable for basic sophomore organic students in a US college, or A-level students in the UK. A physical chemistry quiz V017 would typically be suitable for undergraduates who have completed their first year.

Quizzes by difficulty level

Click on the relevant letter to browse quizzes at that level:


Writing your own quiz

You can write your own individual multiple-choice quiz questions, then put them together to make a quiz. See Quiz:Writing your own quiz.

Compiling your own quiz from pre-existing quizzes

You can now choose specific questions from some of the pre-written quizzes, and compile them into your own custom quiz. Review which questions you wish to use from quizzes from GeneralA001, GeneralC001, GeneralC002, GeneralD001, GeneralD002, GeneralE001, GeneralF001, GeneralF003, GeneralF004, GeneralG003, GeneralH001, GeneralH002, GeneralI001,GeneralJ001,GeneralK001, then use this form to compile your quiz from those.