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Quiz:Writing your own quiz

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For general guidance and links to existing quizzes, see Quiz:Overview

You must be logged in in order to write your own quiz.

You can write your own multiple choice quiz. There are three steps:

Name your quiz, based on these simple rules
Write your own multiple question pages automatically using one of the quiz question creators. This can be done in one of two ways:

Your quiz question names will be derived from the quiz name (e.g., the first question in Quiz:GeneralF017 would be called Quiz:GeneralF017 001).

(At present this is still manual) Compile your questions into a new quiz page.
  • Create a new page with the name of your quiz (for example, Quiz:GeneralF017). This can be done by typing the quiz name into the wiki search engine and clicking on the red link in the resultant message, "Create the page "Quiz:GeneralF017" on this wiki!".
  • Click Edit, then copy/paste the contents of the standard quiz page into your new quiz page. Change the word "Quizname" to the name of your quiz (such as GeneralF017).
  • You may want to add some guidance to the quiz, or tweak it in some way - to do this, click the edit tab and make the necessary changes.

Layout for questions and quizzes

Questions can only be compiled (at present) in multiple choice format, with up to five possible answers. If fewer than five answers are put into the form, the "missing" answers will simply be ignored and will not show up.

Quizzes are designed to have up to ten questions by default. This can easily be changed using the edit tab, to contain fewer questions (by deleting any excess) or more questions (by copy/pasting more, and editing the question numbers appropriately).