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This website aims to serve the educational community - teachers, university lecturers, technicians, and students. It aims to provide a wide range of materials - lab experiments, quiz questions, study materials, chemical substance information, spectra, and more, as outlined in the Overview. This page is designed to give you a sense of what is available on the site at present. As yet, we do not have many "community" pages, but these will be added once the content infrastructure is fully in place.


Site Tour Video

A demonstration video of the Learn Chemistry Wiki can be viewed here.

Lab experiments

Practical Chemistry

Most of the procedures available are based on the Practical Chemistry experiments. These are currently being listed at Lab:Practical_Chemistry, with more detail at TeacherExpt:Practical_Chemistry.

Organic chemistry experiments

There are a few organic chemistry procedures, taken from Martin Walker's lab manuals. These are used for introducing organic chemistry to undergraduates at a US college. See Lab:List of organic chemistry experiments for a list that includes these.

Tutorials and guides

Organic chemistry

There are two tutorials:

These might be used by a student on his/her own, or a teacher might work through a tutorial with a class.


These are for self-testing, or perhaps for tutorials - they are not designed to be used for graded assignments. Quizzes are assigned a letter to indicate the level of difficulty; for a more complete description, see Quiz:Overview. All but the level Q quizzes use the quiz extension. The following provide some examples:

You can also try to compile your own quiz using questions from one of the general chemistry redox quizzes. We are also developing systems to allow you to write your own quiz; one system can be tested here.