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Substance:Barium peroxide

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  • Molecular formula: BaO2
  • Molar mass: 169.326
  • CAS Registry Number: 1304-29-6
  • Appearance: Barium peroxide, anhydrous, 84% min; Barium peroxide, anhydrous, 84% min; greyish white powder
  • Melting point: 450 °C
  • Boiling point: Not available
  • Solubility: Not available
  • Safety sheet: Not available
  • Spectra: Check on SDBS. Add Spectra (Help).

From Wikipedia

Barium peroxide is the inorganic compound with the formula BaO2. This white solid (gray when impure) is one of the most common inorganic peroxides, and it was the first peroxide compound discovered. Being an oxidizer and giving a vivid green colour upon ignition (as do all barium compounds), it finds some use in fireworks; historically, it was also used as a precursor for hydrogen peroxide.

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Other names

Barium dioxidanediide (IUPAC Name); Barium dioxide; Barium peroxide (Ba(O2)); Barium superoxide


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