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  • Molecular formula: C14H10O2
  • Molar mass: 210.228
  • CAS Registry Number: 134-81-6
  • Appearance: Benzil, 98%; Benzil, 98%; yellow crystals or powder
  • Melting point: 94 to 96 °C
  • Boiling point: 346 to 348
  • Solubility: Not available
  • Safety sheet: Not available
  • Spectra: ChemSpider (IR), NMRShiftDB 13C NMR, also check on SDBS. Add Spectra (Help).

From Wikipedia

Benzil (systematically known as 1,2-diphenylethane-1,2-dione) is the organic compound with the formula (C6H5CO)2, generally abbreviated (PhCO)2. This yellow solid is one of the most common diketones. Its main use is as a photoinitiator in polymer chemistry.

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Other names

Benzil (IUPAC Name); 1,2-diphenylethane-1,2-dione; 1,2-Diphenyl-1,2-ethanedione; Bibenzoyl; Dibenzoyl; Diphenyl-a,beta-diketone


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