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Substance:Potassium hexacyanoferrate(III)

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  • Molecular formula: C6FeK3N6
  • Molar mass: 329.244
  • CAS Registry Number: Not available
  • Appearance: Not available
  • Melting point: Not available
  • Boiling point: Not available
  • Solubility: Not available
  • Safety sheet: Not available
  • Spectra: Check on SDBS. Add Spectra (Help).

From Wikipedia

Potassium ferricyanide is the chemical compound with the formula K3[Fe(CN)6]. This bright red salt contains the octahedrally coordinated [Fe(CN)63−] ion. It is soluble in water and its solution shows some green-yellow fluorescence.

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Other names

tripotassium hexakis(cyano-kappaC)ferrate(3-) (IUPAC Name); Potassiumhexacyanoferrate(iii)


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