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18 December 2012

David W Newman is a retired engineer and computer programmer from Goldhanger in the UK

17 December 2012 Adam Smith

Adam Smith is a 21 year old chemistry student at the university of Leicester in the UK

14 December 2012 Andrew Wu

Andrew is a year 12 from Sydney, Australia, and worked on his entry with his father and grandfather

13 December 2012 Bryan Harmon

Bryan Harmon is a 56 year old student studying Chemistry Education in Kentucky in the USA

11 December 2012 David Collins and Ekaterina Nesterenko

PhD researcher and post-doctoral fellow David Collins and Ekaterina Nesterenko are from Dublin City University and worked on their entry together

10 December 2012 Keith Ross

Keith Ross is a retired science teacher, currently living in France, who has taught all over the world

7 December 2012 James D. Brownridge

James Brownridge is a 75 year old Radiation Safety Officer and Nuclear Instrumentation Specialist from New York in the USA

6 December 2012 Antony Gibson and Susan King

Antony Gibson and Susan King worked on their entry together and both work at Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College in the UK

5 December 2012 Daniel Muthukrishna

Daniel Muthukrishna is an 18 year old engineering and physics student at the University of Queensland in Australia

4 December 2012 Tomislav Brlek

Tomislav Brlek is an 18 year old electrical engineering student from Zabok in Croatia

3 December 2012 Robert Bilinski

Robert Bilinski is a 22 year old field engineer for an oil company in Aberdeen and is from South Yorkshire in the UK

30 November 2012 Mei Rose Connor

Mei Rose Connor is a 13 year old school student from the USA and wants to be a genetic engineer when she's older

29 November 2012 Piya R. Piyasena

Ratnamudigedara Piyasena (Piya) is a 59 year old structural engineer from the Gold Coast in Australia

28 November 2012 David Newman

David Newman works at Glyndeborne Opera House in East Sussex in the UK

27 November 2012 Marek Balázovic

Marek Balázovic is a 28 year old PhD student and Physics teacher from Banská Bystrica in Slovakia

26 November 2012 John Nicol

John Nicol is a General Manager at Microsoft, a trained Search and Rescue leader, a Kung Fu and Aikido instructor, and has volunteered in Asia and Africa

23 November 2012 Robert Robinson and Brady Summers

Robert Robinson and Brady Summers are both 22 year old postgraduate students at the University of Missouri and Yale University, respectively

22 November 2012 Amit Kessel and Yfat Kessel-Kaufmann

Brother and sister Amit Kessel and Yfat Kessel-Kaufmann are from Tel-Aviv in Israel and have PhD's in computational biochemistry and clinical psycology, respectively

21 November 2012 Denis Parganlija

Denis Parganlija is a 29 year old nuclear and elementary particle-physicist from Vienna in Austria

20 November 2012 - Nikola Bregovic

Nikola Bregovic is a 26 year old chemistry PhD student at the University of Zagreb in Croatia

19 November 2012 John Lydon

John Lydon is a 72-year old retired lecturer in Biophysics and Biochemistry at the University of Leeds in the UK

16 November 2012 Sean Quinn

Sean Quinn is a 52 year old electrician living in Southampton in the United Kingdom

15 November 2012 Rasoul Amirian

Rasoul Amirian lives in Isfahan in Iran and has and MSc in plant biotechnology

14 November 2012 Purvi and Kunal Shah

Purvi and Kunal Shah are scientists living in Seattle in the US and entered the competition together

13 November 2012 Angela Van Zandt

Angela Van Zandt is a screenwriter and producer from Arkansas in the USA

12 November 2012 Lee Bulbrook

Lee Bulbrook is a 59-year old self-employed inventor living in Norfolk in the UK

9 November 2012 Lisa and Jessica Stadtmueller

Lisa is a mother of 2, a devoted wife and a scientist. She entered the competition with her 6 year old daughter Jessica

8 November 2012 Carlos Cardoso

Carlos Cardoso is a researcher in food science at the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere in Lisbon, Portugal

7 November Ding Cui

Ding Cui is a student in Washinton DC in the USA, majoring in neuroscience

6 November 2012 Ernest Wrigglesworth

Ernest Wrigglesworth is a retired Trading Standards Officer from Wakefield in the UK who obtained his Physics degree from Southampton University.

5 November 2012 Alexandros Poulopoulos

Alexandros Poulopoulos is a 32 year old neuroscientist working in the USA

2 November 2012 Chris Waltzek

Chris is a PhD student and part-time newsletter writer and radio host from North Carolina in the USA

1 November 2012 Iris Owen

Iris Owen is the director and owner of an art studio

31 October 2012 Nate Adams

Nate Adams works at a community college in Colorado in the USA

30 October 2012 Mark Miller

Mark Miller is a 40 year old Engineering Manager from Texas in the USA

29 October 2012 Patricia Jipescu

Patricia Jipescu is a 23 year old basson player working at Radio Romania

26 October 2012 Colin Willows

Colin is a final-year A-level student studying in the UK

25 October 2012 Alexey Artemyev

Alexey Artemyev is 29 years old and lives in Belgorod in Russia

24 October 2012 Heather Beauchamp-Knight

Heather Beauchamp-Knight is a freelance designer/artist from Washington DC in the USA

23 October 2012 Mika Niemi

Mika Niemi is a 45 year old software professional from Finland

22 October 2012 Andrew Pengelly

Andrew Pengelly is 52 and is from Christchurch in New Zealand

19 October 2012 Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith is 12 years old and lives in Dorset in the UK

18 October 2012 Alison Boult

Alison Boult is 23 and is studying drawing in London in the UK

17 October 2012 Yean Lee

Yean Lee is an undergraduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta in the USA

16 October 2012 John Bradfield

John Bradfield is a retired Professor of Pathology from Bristol in the UK

15 October 2012 Ariana Boltax

Ariana Boltax is 20 years old and is in her third year at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts studying Chemistry and Biology