20 November 2012 - Nikola Bregovic

Nikolas Bregovic
Nikola Bregovic is a 26 year old chemistry PhD student at the University of Zagreb in Croatia.

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"Working as research  assistant in the field of physical chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Zagreb, I have had many opportunities to deal with interesting scientific problems. Some as a lecturer and some as a researcher, developing my PhD thesis in the field of supramolecular chemistry. However, when my friend emailed me telling me about the Mpemba effect and the RSC competition, I was especially intrigued and couldn't resist trying to solve the problem. I am glad it was so, because during my study of freezing water I had most of fun and learned a lot about this remarkable molecule and science itself.

"When I am not in the laboratory, I enjoy fly fishing, mountain biking and playing bass guitar, or simply spending time with my wonderful girlfriend."

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