SIAS rural tour

Selina Kermode, education coordinator for the Midlands, based at the University of Warwick, is spending the week bringing Spectroscopy in a Suitcase (SIAS) to rural schools in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Voice of the Future 2017

Tom Speight and Alistair Boyer tell us about their experience at Voice of the Future, which took place at Westminster.

Sharing my enthusiasm for chemistry

175 minutes for chemistry - Derek Palgrave has been excited about chemistry since he was very young. Now retired, he delivers lectures on science-related topics from fertilizers to heraldry.


175 minutes for chemistry - Dr Ida Marcia Philbin shares how she brought chemistry to her local church’s Christmas Tree Festival, decorating hers with inspirational chemists.

Retirement, radio and revisions

175 minutes for chemistry - Alan Herod has spent much more than 175 minutes during the past year, revising a book he first published, along with his co-authors, in 2006.

India Newsletter – February 2017

In the second edition of our India Newsletter, we cover all the latest and news updates from the Royal Society of Chemistry's activities in India.

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