Chasing the impossible

We spoke to mature student Charley Istance-Tamblin about never giving up on your dreams and the power of having a supportive network in chemistry.

When it doesn't go to plan

Merryn Hobbs, a Research and Development Technologist for the global polymer group Trelleborg, didn’t quite get the A-level grades she needed to go to her chosen university. She spoke to us about her chemistry journey, and why she believes things don’t always have to go to plan to have a happy ending.

Playing a leading role

Our deputy chief executive, Paul Lewis, in conversation with our past-president, Professor Sir John Holman

From Northumbria with love

Analytical chemistry lecturer Dr Michelle Carlin became the go-to expert toxicologist when the Salisbury spy-poisoning case broke earlier this year.

Beyond reasonable doubt

Pharmacist Bernard Leddy specialises in drug information – his encyclopaedic knowledge and attention to detail are ideal for his second role, as an expert witness in court cases.

A buzzing business

Rhodri Owen's tale of chemistry, honeybees and helping those in need.

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