Recognising leadership with Chartered Manager

Dr Paul Wallace, a procurement manager at Sensient Technologies Corporation, recently became a Chartered Manager through our partnership with the Chartered Management Institute. He spoke to us about how that recognition has supported his career development.

A reflective journey

Samia El-Ali, senior subject leader in science and head of chemistry at Claremont High School Academy, explores her experience of becoming a Chartered Chemist as a teacher.

Balancing business and academia

Agi Brandt-Talbot is an independent Research Fellow in the department of chemistry at Imperial College London and is also chief scientific officer for her own start-up company, Chrysalix Technologies. We talked to her about balancing academia, business and starting a family as an early career researcher.

Peer Review Week 2018: meet our reviewers

The theme of Peer Review Week 2018 is ‘Diversity in peer review’. Throughout the week we are showcasing some of our brilliant peer reviewers from around the world. They spoke to us about their experiences as reviewers, and what diversity means to them.

Chasing the impossible

We spoke to mature student Charley Istance-Tamblin about never giving up on your dreams and the power of having a supportive network in chemistry.

When it doesn't go to plan

Merryn Hobbs, a Research and Development Technologist for the global polymer group Trelleborg, didn’t quite get the A-level grades she needed to go to her chosen university. She spoke to us about her chemistry journey, and why she believes things don’t always have to go to plan to have a happy ending.

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