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The home of cutting-edge research on the development of alternative sustainable technologies.

About Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry provides a unique forum for the publication of innovative research on the development of alternative sustainable technologies.  With a wide general appeal, Green Chemistry publishes urgent communications and high quality research papers as well as review articles.

The scope of Green Chemistry is based on, but not limited to, the definition proposed by Anastas and Warner (Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, P. T. Anastas and J. C. Warner, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1998): Green chemistry is the utilisation of a set of principles that reduces or eliminates the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products

Green Chemistry is at the frontiers of this science and publishes research that attempts to reduce the environmental impact of the chemical enterprise by developing a technology base that is inherently non-toxic to living things and the environment. 

All manuscripts must be written so as to be widely accessible (conceptually) to chemists and technologists. Green Chemistry does not normally deal with research associated with 'end-of-pipe' or remediation issues. 
Green Chemistry coverage includes: 

  • The application of innovative technology to establish industrial procedures  
  • The development of environmentally improved routes and methods to important products 
  • The design of new, greener and safer chemicals and materials 
  • The use of sustainable resources 
  • The use of biotechnology alternatives to chemistry-based solutions 
  • Methodologies and tools for measuring environmental impact 
  • Chemical aspects of renewable energy              


These are just some of the reasons why you should submit your next paper to Green Chemistry:


  • High impact and highly citedGreen Chemistry has an impact factor of 8.02  
  • Fast Publication: Accepted Manuscripts service now allows online publication of the submitted version upon acceptance making research available in citable form even more rapidly
  • Global circulation and international authorship 
  • A dedicated and professional editorial service maintaining high standards 
  • Easy online submission system  
  • Promotion of highly rated papers on the Green Chemistry homepage and in other RSC publications 
  • Free colour figures where scientifically necessary, free PDF reprints and a free Electronic Supplementary Information (ESI) service 
  • No page charges 
  • Easy to keep up-to-date with RSS feeds and email alerting service          

For more details on the scope of Green Chemistry and submission requirements please see our journal policy page. 

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