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About the journal

RSC Advances is an international, peer-reviewed journal covering all of the chemical sciences, including multidisciplinary and emerging areas. The criteria for publication are that the work must be high quality, well conducted and add to the development of the field. Articles submitted to the journal are evaluated by international referees for the overall quality and accuracy of the science presented.

RSC Advances publishes communications, papers and reviews. For more details on the scope of the journal read about our advanced topic modelling technology which assigns articles into 12 main topics and over 100 further sub-categories.

Subject categories

Advanced topic modelling technology with 12 main topics and over 100 sub-categories.

Editorial and Advisory Boards

RSC Advances is supported by international Editorial and Advisory Boards, led by Professor Mike Ward (University of Sheffield, UK), which input into the development and strategy of the journal.

Editorial & Advisory Boards

Publication Process

When the final edited and formatted version of the article is ready for publication, the article is published with page numbers. These paginated articles appear in an 'Issue in Progress' on the 'Issues' tab on the RSC Advances homepage. When all articles for that issue are published, the issue is closed and a new 'Issue in Progress' is started.

Issues in Progress

Article-based publishing from RSC Advances

Introducing Proof Central

Introducing Proof Central

Why publish with RSC Advances?

Journals from the Royal Society of Chemistry are renowned for their high quality, rapid publication and innovative technology. All articles published in RSC Advances will benefit from wide exposure, with the journal indexed in most major databases including ISI and Scopus. 

RSC Advances authors benefit from: 

  • Rapid publication times 
  • Open-access options 
  • Simple and effective online submission process 
  • Free electronic reprints (pdf) of own paper 
  • Free use of colour 
  • No page charges 
  • No page limits   


Academic, government and industrial scientists from all disciplines, specialised or interdisciplinary, including: organic, medicinal, inorganic, organometallic, physical and  theoretical chemists; analytical, materials, polymer, surface, sustainable energy and environmental scientists; and biochemists, biologists, physicists and engineers. 

RSC Advances readers benefit from: 

  • Enhanced browsing and searching functionality online
  • Free access to all RSC Advances articles published in volumes 1 and 2
  • Free subject-based e-mail alerting and RSS news feeds service  

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