Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry

The international home of synthetic, physical and biomolecular organic chemistry.

About Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry is a high quality, broad scope organic chemistry journal which offers fast publication, a high quality author service and fair and rigorous peer review.



OBC publishes research and reviews on topics including organic synthesis, physical organic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and chemical biology.

OBC's scope includes:

  • Total synthesis
  • Synthetic methodology
  • Synthesis of biomolecules and organic materials
  • Chemical biology           

...and all organic aspects of:

  • Supramolecular and macromolecular chemistry
  • Theoretical and computational chemistry
  • Catalysis
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Natural products           

Author benefits

  • Fast peer review and publication
  • Flexible submission format  - submit in any reasonable format. No template required
  • Optional Accepted Manuscript publication - have the unedited version of your article published shortly after acceptance
  • Competitive impact factor of 3.487
  • Easy submission and manuscript tracking online 
  • Choice of submission routes - authors can choose either the Cambridge Editorial Office or submission to an Associate Editor
  • Unlimited free colour,  both online and in print 
  • High exposure - top papers highlighted in the wider scientific press 
  • Broadest organic audience - synthetic, physical and biomolecular
  • Indexed in MEDLINE and other major databases         


Article types
Urgent accounts of highly-important new research. No strict page limit but generally up to 5 journal pages in length.

Full papers: Full accounts of important original research. Full papers may be an expansion of work previously published in a Communication; however, the new work reported must represent a significant extension on what was previously published.

Reviews: Concise and critical reviews of important or emerging topics in organic chemistry. Easy-to-read and covering current areas of interest, rather than comprehensive reviews of the literature.

Perspectives: Personal viewpoints, taking a recent piece of research and presenting it in the context of the wider field. They are forward-looking in nature, assessing the potential impact of the research. Generally 2-4 pages.


Author guidelines
A link to the RSC Journal Policy section of the website is below. General guidelines for submission to RSC journals are available there to download, and a link to additional guidelines for submitting to OBC is further down the page. Authors wishing to submit a Review or Perspective article to the journal should also take note of the downloadable guidelines below.

Journal Policy

Initial assessment of submissions, plus journal-by-journal guidelines detailing general policy issues, types of article published in each journal and other relevant information.

OBC Editorial Board and Staff

Staff contacts and names of the Editorial Board members

Downloadable Files

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