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RSC Semantic publishing

Linking compounds and concepts in articles

RSC has extracted chemical names from all its journal publications from 2008-2010 (over 30,000 articles), and has integrated the primary compounds of interest into ChemSpider. Readers of the article HTML on the RSC's Publishing Platform can highlight compounds, and click on the compounds to link directly through to the compound record on ChemSpider to discover additional data and compound information sources.

Rich HTML butttons

The compounds will also shortly be visible from the article's abstract page. Users of ChemSpider can discover these compounds via a text or structure search - and from a result find the relevant references from a decade of RSC journal content, as well as other integrated information sources. The project will run routinely on all new journal articles published by RSC and be extended back into the RSC's 170-year archive.

The RSC won an ALPSP Innovation Award in 2007 for its pioneering work in semantic publishing and it's a fitting time to retire the name 'Project Prospect' as the approach is now integrated within our routine publication processes. 

Viewing the enhanced articles

The enhanced links within our articles can be viewed from within the HTML, or from the PDF using the Utopia Documents viewer.

Please send any feedback - suggestions or questions - and we'll do our best to answer.


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