The Molecular World

The Third Dimension

The Third Dimension

Lesley E Smart (Editor), J M F Gagan (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-85404-660-7
Copyright: 2002
Format: Paperback
Extent: 254
Price:  £26.00

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The three-dimensional aspects of molecular shape can be crucial to both properties and reactions. The Third Dimension explores the arrangements of atoms in molecules and in different types of solids. Initial chapters describe the common crystal structures and how they are related to close-packed arrangements of ions. Metallic, ionic, molecular and extended covalent crystals are covered; major types of crystal defects are also discussed. The book then introduces isomerism, and explores the stereochemical consequences of the tetrahedral carbon atom. Chirality is also investigated. The book concludes with a Case Study on Liquid Crystals, which describes structures, properties and applications. As visualisation in 3D is an important part of this book, the accompanying CD-ROMs provide video material, interactive questions and exercises using models to aid understanding of crystals, organic molecules and stereochemistry. All necessary programs are provided. The Molecular World series provides an integrated introduction to all branches of chemistry for both students wishing to specialise and those wishing to gain a broad understanding of chemistry and its relevance to the everyday world and to other areas of science. The books, with their Case Studies and accompanying multi-media interactive CD-ROMs, will also provide valuable resource material for teachers and lecturers. (The CD-ROMs are designed for use on a PC running Windows 95, 98, ME or 2000.)


"This is an excellent book, and very fit for purpose."
Source : School Science Review, Issue No 309, 2003

"The strength of this title, apart from the clear writing style, is the quality of graphics both in the book and on the CD-ROM."
Source : School Science Review, September 2003, 85, (310), p 135-136

"... a very readable style for introductory students and gives helpful hints with concepts students often find difficult."
Source : Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2002, 55, 487-489

"... [the] computer-based material ... is well thought out and is excellently presented ...questions and model exercises are well thought out ... The learning process is excellently aided through the computer-based activities and handling of the drawing and modelling programmes ..."
Source : J Chem Soc Perkin Transactions 1, No 19, 7 October 2002, p 2205

"A good addition to any undergraduate library and a useful supplement to courses covering structure and crystals."
Source : CHOICE, Vol 40, No 7, March 2003

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