Food Chemical Composition

Dietary Significance in Food Manufacturing

Food Chemical Composition

Tim Hutton (Author)
ISBN: 978-0-90594-250-6
Copyright: 2002
Format: Paperback
Extent: 118
Price:  £24.95


Food is made of chemicals. To the food manufacturer, these chemicals are all potentially significant, as they determine the nutritional value, eating properties and suitability for use in particular products and processes. This book explains, to those without expertise in food chemistry, some of the basics of food chemical composition. Adopting a strong industrial slant, the book uses examples from food manufacturing and the industry-consumer interface to put food composition in context, considering how it relates to wider issues like safety assurance, traceability, product development and labelling. Selected examples are used to illustrate specific points that often get overlooked in discussions of the chemicals that are either natural to foods or used in preservation and processing. Industrialists and students alike will welcome this book as an aid to understanding the importance of food composition. This book is published in association with CCFRA.


This reviewer found the book useful and informative and can recommend it.
Source : Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2004, 84: 1988 (D A Cronin)

"The text is clear and uncomplicated and provides the reader with background knowledge regarding the chemical composition of food ... aimed primarily at industry recruits, trainees and undergraduate students, the book may also be of interest to those interested in a career in the food industry, food science and technology students, and personnel within the industry seeking a broad overview of food-related topics ... also ideally suited for the food technology teacher ... I would recommend this book ..."
Source : Nutrition Bulletin, 28, 2003, p 84

"... a useful book and I can recommend it to anyone starting in the food industry as a clear and readable introduction."
Source : Chemistry in Britain, Vol 39, No 2, February 2003

"... suitable for food technology students, either in industry and education ... It would support AS/A2 food technology extremely well."
Source : Journal of Design and Technology Education, Vol 8, No 1, Spring 2003

"...explains to those without expertise in food chemistry, some of the basics of food chemical composition ... with a strong industrial slant."
Source : Carbohydrate Polymers, 55, 2004, 115