Chemical Information for Chemists

A Primer

Chemical Information for Chemists

Judith Currano (Editor), Dana Roth (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-84973-551-3
Copyright: 2013
Format: Paperback
Extent: 322
Price:  £24.99

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While it is not difficult to find data in many cases, what advice can you get on the quality of the data retrieved? Chemical Information for Chemists could help with this problem and more. This book is a chemical information book aimed specifically at practicing chemists. Written and edited by experts in the field, it is ideal for chemists who lack a chemical information professional able to teach basic and intermediate techniques in retrieving and evaluating information using the unique entry points of the chemical literature, including structure, formula, substructure, and sequence. Aimed at students on undergraduate and graduate courses, it could also be a useful guide to new information specialists who are facing the challenging diversity of chemical literature.


This title is a critical resource for all academic and research libraries supporting a chemistry, or life or health sciences department.
Source : Choice, September 2014, Vol 52, No 01

Three years ago and after 20+ years doing other forms of librarianship (mostly on the administrative side of things), I was assigned to be the subject liaison to not only Chemistry but all the sciences offered for study on our campus. (Yes, our library was experiencing some issues.) The faculty have been wonderfully supportive of me despite my subject ignorance and I am learning on the job but I still feel anxious in a lot of areas, especially in Chemistry and especially doing instruction in SciFinder. I ordered this book when I saw this thread come across the wire. It just arrived and I cracked it this weekend, coincidentally as I prepare for some instruction in, you guessed it, SciFinder! Wow. This book is definitely addressing gaps in my understanding of the tools and content that underpin finding information in chemistry. I highly recommend it. Thank you to all the contributors this is a life-line for me!
Source : Cheminf email list

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