RSC Drug Discovery Series

The RSC Drug Discovery Series is a suite of professional reference books covering all areas of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery. The first titles in the series were published in 2010.

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Series Editors

Picture of Professor David Thurston

Professor David Thurston
Kings College, London, UK

Picture of Professor David Rotella

Professor David Rotella
Montclair State University, USA

Picture of Professor Ana Martinez

Professor Ana Martinez
Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas-CSIC, Madrid, Spain

Picture of Dr. David Fox

Dr. David Fox
Vulpine Science and Learning, UK

Professor Robin Ganellin
Advisor to the board
University College London, UK

About the Series

The RSC Drug Discovery Series covers all aspects of drug discovery and medicinal chemistry. Providing comprehensive coverage of this important and far-reaching area the books will encourage learning in a range of different topics and provide understanding to scientists working outside their own areas of expertise. Following an idea through from initial research and findings to the most up-to-date discoveries and cutting edge technology, these titles focus on learning and critical evaluation.

These titles will be of particular interest to advanced and postgraduate students, and medicinal chemists and biochemists working in academia or industry.

Key Features

  • Case Studies to bring alive different aspects of the drug discovery process.
  • Structured content, to walk readers through different aspects of drug discovery in a logical fashion.
  • Sufficiently detailed, not just with respect to theory, but also practices and guidelines.
  • Comprehensive treatment with contributions from internationally-recognised thought leaders.
  • Present perspectives from experienced researchers from both industry and academia.

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Related Titles

The Cellular Response to the Genotoxic Insult

The Cellular Response to the Genotoxic Insult

Copyright: 2012
Helmut Greim

This book considers the exposure levels at which genotoxins pose a risk and describes the cellular mechanisms used against them.

Smart Materials for Drug Delivery

Smart Materials for Drug Delivery

Copyright: 2013
Carmen Alvarez-Lorenzo

Written by leading experts in the field, the book provides both an introduction and reference to the key areas in the stimuli-responsive field.

Aging and Vulnerability to Environmental Chemicals

Aging and Vulnerability to Environmental Chemicals

Copyright: 2012
Bernard Weiss

This book provides a comprehensive review of how environmental exposures may alter the health of our aging population.

Supramolecular Systems in Biomedical Fields

Supramolecular Systems in Biomedical Fields

Copyright: 2013
Hans-Jörg Schneider

Leading experts provide a timely and comprehensive overview of the use of supramolecular systems in biomedical applications.

Further Information

Picture of Rowan Frame

Rowan Frame
Commissioning Editor
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 432256