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Industrial Placement Grants

What we offer

Our industrial placement grants fund one-year placements for chemistry undergraduate students in an EnterprisePlus company.

Each grant is worth £20,000 and covers the student's salary and employer's National Insurance.


        Industrial Placement Students 2015

Our industrial placement grants are awarded in partnership with CogentSkills's Placements Service, who will work with you to ensure that you get the most suitable student for your placement.

See our film on how last year's students got on  and how the companies benefited.   

Applications are now closed and will reopen September 2016.


Benefits of placement students include

Adding value to your business: Placement students are highly motivated and quickly become skilled and independent workers.

Flexible source of talent: Students can be employed without long-term commitment, e.g. for defined projects or tasks that are beyond the scope of other employees.

Employee training: Student mentoring/supervising develops management and communication skills.

Enriching  your talent pool: Placements provide recruitment opportunities for skilled young scientists. 

Selection criteria and guidance

Grants are only available to EnterprisePlus companies based in the UK.

Criteria include:     

  • The quality of the project the student is given
  • Learning outcomes for the student  – for example experimental techniques, training on equipment, transferable skills
  • Quality of the supervision
  • How recently the company has hosted a placement student  – preference will be given to companies that have not hosted a student in the last 3 years.  

Contact and further information

EnterprisePlus enquiries
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Tel: +44 (0)1223 432411
Email: EnterprisePlus enquiries

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