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Industry giant BASF joins task force for sustainable polymers

Industry giant BASF joins task force for sustainable polymers. World’s largest chemical company joins Royal Society of Chemistry initiative to make better use of unrecovered polymers in liquid formulations

Royal Society of Chemistry connects to OA Switchboard

The Royal Society of Chemistry is pleased to announce its support for the OA Switchboard initiative, a not-for-profit, industry-wide collaboration among publishers, academic institutions and research funding organisations

LISTEN NOW: The first series of our new podcast focuses on plastics

BAFTA-winning broadcaster Liz Bonnin and RSC President Tom Welton star on Ep1 of ‘Brought to You by Chemistry’.

New journal launches: Energy Advances

Our new Gold Open Access journal Energy Advances focuses on energy science, and in particular the interdisciplinarity required for exciting breakthroughs in the field.

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