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Cicada wings and gecko feet could be key to defeating bacteria’s resistance to drugs

Intricate patterns in nature could be the answer to tackling antimicrobial resistance, according to new research published in RSC Advances.

Our commitment to minimise bias in publishing continues to gather international support

Since an initial 11 signatories were announced in late June – including Cambridge University Press, Elsevier and Oxford University Press – nine further signatories are announced today, including SAGE, eLife and Wiley.

Volunteering: unpaid but priceless

In the final of our series showcasing 2020 prize and award winners, we focus on volunteering and how it has enriched the lives and careers of those who do it.

Editor viewpoints: Thoughts on the pandemic

In this highlights piece we cover extracts from our Editor Viewpoints series. In these extracts, editors from across our journals share their thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they expect the crisis to change the way we do research in the future.

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